Sample output files

We are presenting examples of output files from the Printbox system. Sample files were picked based on the most popular products that are generated in our editors. Please take a look at the details of each file as the samples might not be fitted to your printing specifications. Every system is set individually and has unique parameters.

Photocalendar A4 vertical.png


A4 vertical


30x30 cm

Greeting Card One Sided

10x15 cm

Single Wrap Canvas 100x70cm.png

Single Wrap Canvas

100x70 cm

What can be customized?

Every print paramater can be set up by you in the admin panel.

  • render file type (single PDF, multiple PDFs - one page per file, transparent PNG, non-transptarent PNG, JPG)
  • render output file (spread - cover to one file, cropped photos and preview)
  • render as a vector (SVG) or not
  • trimbox width and height
  • safe area width and option to show it or hide
  • snap area width
  • bleeds
  • spine type (dynamic or fixed) + spine width and paper thickness


  • mediabox (if bigger than bleedbox, you can set up width, height and vertical, and horizontal alignment)
  • cut markers (lenght and space)
  • locked content if needed (like cliparts and shapes, images, text components)
  • joined workspace, workspace split horizontally (left and right), or workspace split vertically (top and bottom)
  • barcode pattern and positioning
  • project dpi
  • photo dpi warning (for validation), max size (in Mpix or in MB; top and bottom)

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