Since 2013 Silkefoto, based in Silkeborg, Denmark, has been delivering high quality photo products to thousands of Danes. In 2018 the company decided to hit the next stage of growth and chose Printbox as its software partner for the Silkeprint brand.



The company was ranked number one in Google search engines in its category but suffered from using an outdated platform. It was written in Flash and Silkeprint wanted to switch to HTML5. Silkeprint owners used their experience to create innovative product strategies, unfortunately they were held back by limited capabilities of the system. To make things worse, the platform was expensive and lacked good support.

The decision was made to find a photo commerce solution with much better features and a user interface that would help outpace local competition.


  • beautiful, user-friendly editors
  • easy implementation of new products
  • much improved backend
  • system ready for fast growth

Key challenges & solutions



The old platform posed problems mainly of two different kinds. It was limited when it comes to creating personalized buying paths and the editors were leaving customers disappointed because of their dated user interface and inadequate number of photo product customization possibilities.

That is why Printbox was brought into play after over a year of testing various solutions. It allows to define custom rules for the product range on offer making even the most complicated buying paths look easy. The visual side of things taken care of by the editors’ interface vastly improves customers experience. And the final product is beautiful because customers had so many options to choose from during the creative part.



Silkeprint was stuck with software which didn’t offer much when it comes to custom features and at some point, its basic functionalities became a big liability. The owners knew what they needed but they didn’t have an in-house dev team to bring those ideas into life.



Silkeprint prides itself on having brilliant production and delivery processes. Photo books can be picked up in the headquarters within a couple of hours from order and orders placed before 10 AM are sent on their way on the same day. A very slow editor was not up to par and was dragging the business down.

Introducing Printbox improved page load times and made the editor more responsive.


Growth was the primary reason behind the change in software provider and that mission was accomplished. Personalized buying paths helped introducing a new range of products and user-friendly editors made the customer experience so enjoyable that sales improved considerably.

Silkeprint classifies its services as more professional than before and their future software development is in safe hands.


sales increased since switching to Printbox


increased website traffic


significantly improved customer experience

Our cooperation with Printbox took our business to the next level. We're very happy with their good backend management tools and their good support. This is a nice relationship – our requests and questions are being listened to with keen attention. We look forward to continue growing along with Printbox.

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