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Printbox photo product software comes with a built-in production module. It is compatible with any digital printer. You can configure it to have your machine handle the printing process automatically.

Output files
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Output files

Tailor production and print specifications to your needs. Define your product’s printing area, bleeds, media sizes and other parameters. Get high quality output files of your choice: .pdf, .jpg, or .png ready for printing.

Total trimbox width (mm)
Total trimbox height (mm)


Easy. Fast. Cost-effective. Bring operational excellence to routine workflow. Printbox is delivering the right files to your computer, without absorbing you to check if everything is correct. The Production system is sending job files and product details straight to your production facility. No manual work needed, all this can be done through an automated production workflow.


This is a file describing the details of the project created by your client. It contains information about all the features you need to know before printing the job, such as: theme, size, number of pages, etc.


This program is installed in your production facilities, and it delivers all print jobs straight to them. It makes sure that the project only needs to be downloaded once, validating and changing the status of the file as needed. This way you can identify files (jobs) that have already been printed.


When you receive payment, our renderer starts working automatically and prepares to print files to the best industry standards. You do not have to worry about compatibility and handling transparency.

Tracking & Order Management

The tracking system not only helps you with the finishing process (for example to pair the cover with the block of the photo book), but it gives you the possibility to automatically send back the information regarding the status of the product. It is a great feature for you and your customers because they can effortlessly track $what's happening with their order.

barcode system

Barcode system

Every aspect of the production process is fully automated, making it easier to manage your workflow. The advanced barcode-based system allows you to build packaging processes with ease.

Status updates

The system allows for tracking status updates in real-time. This information is shared with you and your customers. We’ll keep you informed, so you can keep up with the printing, packaging and shipping of photo products.

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